What is a cashback bonus?

Building up trust and brand recognition as an online casino is both difficult and expensive. Paying for ads on websites or search engines requires technological skills and it is not certain that there is no guarantee that their marketing will only reach potential casino players. Casino advertising also reaches a lot of people who might have preferred not to see the ads at all. They might even be so bothered by the casino ads that they start to dislike the brands. An alternative marketing strategy several casinos have used to attract new customers to their casino is to offer money back if the players lose their bets. This way, you retain players and build stronger bonds with them by showing good faith. This feature is also called cashback.

Cashback is essentially a type of casino bonus in which the casino pays back some of your money that you have lost while playing. This is cashback consists of a certain percentage of the sum you have been playing for. This means that your money lasts a little longer before you have to make another deposit. At the same, the casino doesn’t have to spend as much money on advertising as retaining customers through cashback bonuses is cheaper than bringing in new customers. Win-win!

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How do cashback bonuses work?

To find out how much money will be paid back to your account through the cashback bonus, you need to check what percentage point the cashback bonus amounts to. This is usually somewhere around 10%. Once you have set up your casino account and accepted the cashback bonus, you will get a cashback bonus deposited to your account at regular intervals automatically. In a sense, the casino cashback bonus doesn’t make you a winner, but instead covers for some of your losses.

Different kinds of casino cashback bonuses

Although the basic idea of cashback bonuses is essentially always the same, there are some variations to be aware of. There is no better or worse kind of cashback, it all depends on what you prefer. The most common variants are the following:

  • Fast payback. Get your cashback bonus paid out quickly.
  • High cashback percentage. Get a higher than usual percentage cashback.
  • Hybrid casino cashback. Some cashback bonuses are combined with other bonus offers, usually at a lower percentage.

Cashback FAQ

What is casino cashback?
When you play at a casino with a cashback bonus, you get some of your lost money back at regular intervals, for example twice a week or once a month. This means that you can recover some of your losses and won’t have to make a new deposit so soon. It is a second chance for you to win in the casino games.
How do you get a cashback bonus?
In order to claim your casino cashback bonus you first need to sign up to a casino and make a deposit. The first thing you need to decide which is the best online casino for you and read through their bonus terms. Sometimes, casino cashback bonuses are only applicable in a select few games and come with wagering requirements. If you play one of the selected games and happen to lose some of your money, you get a share of the money back to your account after a certain time. The amount is usually roughly 10% of the lost money.
What is the difference between free spins and cashback bonus?
Free spins is a bonus that you can use as soon as you start playing at an online casino. Free spins can earn you money without ever losing a bet, as they don’t affect your deposited money. Free spins are used instead of your own money for as long as you have them. Cashback, on the other hand, is something that you will only benefit from after you have lost some of your deposited money in the casino games. Think of cashback bonus as a a small refund on your losses. You could call a casino cashback bonus a “negative bonus” as it helps you get back on your feet after a streak of bad luck.
Should you choose a casino with a cashback bonus?
Cashback bonus is not a guarantee that the casino is better than all another casinos. There are many different types of casino bonuses offered by the biggest online casinos today, cashback is just one of many. Sometimes you have the opportunity to choose between several different kinds of welcome bonuses – if you opt for the cashback bonus you will usually not be able to claim a deposit bonus or free spins. It is worth considering what type of bonus seems most attractive to you and which type suits your style of gambling the best. If you do not like to play slots online, free spins may not be important and cashback would then be more useful. In addition, there are often wagering requirements for cashback bonuses, which means that it takes longer before you can withdraw money from your account.