Casino game provider Microgaming

The company has no motto or mantra, but genuinely cares about its employees and their community. Their community is truly what defines them, and it shows in almost everything they do. Microgaming are involved in a lot of charity work as well as team building activities, which creates a sense of community that they are very proud of. The employees at Microgaming are offered free lunches and fruit at the workplace to make them feel healthier and more motivated, and even if they always work hard, the well-being of their employees is something Microgaming always puts first.

This seems to be a winning strategy as Microgaming is one of the largest casino game developers today with well over 1000 titles released to this day. New games are launched every month. The company has been around since 1994, which shows that they have a lot of experience of the industry when it comes to knowledge about casino game development.

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What is Microgaming?

Microgaming is said to be the first company in the world to launch an online casino back in 1994. Their headquarters is on the Isle Of Man, off the coast of England and Ireland. This is also where Pokerstars‘ headquarters are located. Microgaming is a market leader in software development for online casino games. Most casino sites today use games created by Microgaming. The company is well known in the industry as they have been around for so long and have been innovating the software development for online casinos for over two decades.

Microgaming has won awards in several categories, including the International Gaming Awards and the EGR Awards, which are considered the largest and most prestigious awards in the online casino industry. As a game developer, Microgaming is a true veteran, and they offer games in casino, poker, bingo and several other types of games.

The company was the first to launch virtual roulette via Virtual Reality (VR) technology, something that is starting to become a more common feature of new casinos. They used Oculus Rift technology to demonstrate what could be achieved in casino games in the future, immersing the player in a three-dimensional world by wearing a headset that displays a virtual casino world around them, just like in a science fiction movie.

2016 was also an important year for Microgaming as their game Mega Moolah paid out 6 million Euros in January when a player won the progressive jackpot via Captain Cook’s Casino. We have since seen several other lucky casino players win massive jackpots through Mega Moolah as the game keeps growing in popularity.

In addition to the usual range of games, Microgaming has also put effort into creating multiplayer games where you can play together with, or against, other real players. The company has in many respects gone further than what the other developers have dared because Microgaming has always been a trailblazer on the casino market. Like so many other casino game developers, they have also adapted their games to work on all platforms used for casino gaming today such as mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers. The introduction of HTML5 has made it easier to adapt a casino game to all kinds of devices, which Microgaming has also taken into account.

Microgaming casino games

Microgaming has an incredibly large game library and for that reason not all games can be displayed on the website, but some of their most popular games can be clicked on to try out with play money directly through your web browser. The games are visually appealing and the sound quality is great. For example, the slots game Terminator 2 has the classic movie soundtrack playing in the background while you are spinning the wheels, which adds to the immersion and improves the experience significantly.

All of their games include descriptions on the right side of the game area so that the player can read more about the game while trying it out. Microgaming also offers downloadable versions of their games, which are not always offered with the other developers. They also make their games available in Flash so that the player can access the game directly through the browser.

Microgaming has clearly put a massive effort into offering players the most complete casino experience though their range of casino games. As a player, you have the opportunity to play against other players, together with other players, download the games to your computer, play them directly through the browser and you can of course play casino on your mobile phone or tablet. Microgaming has everything that can be expected of a casino game provider today and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Microgaming careers

The company is constantly looking for new employees for its growing team of developers, project coordinators, designers, programmers and managers. To become a part of the Microgaming team, you must be intelligent, communicative and enthusiastic. It also helps if you have experience of casino game development or conventional video game development.

There are many different jobs at Microgaming and you can send your resume to them directly through their website if you are interested in working for Microgaming today.

Other information

Microgaming are very keen to support their community and are therefore engaged in something they call PlayItForward. It is their way to get involved in solving social challenges and to reach out to people in need of a helping hand. Micrograming has sponsored athletes, helped people get into universities, and even donated money to several different charities.

The company wants to make a difference in the world and it all started with PlayItForward. There is a lot of information about the project on the website and PlayItForward has its very own section on their website.

As a company and developer, Microgaming has established itself on the online casino game market as a true leader, but what is most impressive about Microgaming is how they conduct their business. The well-being in the community for both players and employees and their various competitions create a pleasant atmosphere where you feel very comfortable, safe and cared for. This is something that many companies should learn from.