Casino game developer Playtech

Playtech was founded in 1999 in Estonia and have been a well known company in the market for software development for online casinos for many years. Playtech is the world’s largest software company for online casinos, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their headquarters are located on the Isle of Man, not far from the Pokerstars Headquarters.

Their massive success is based on acquiring licenses and fruitful partnerships, and they operate in a large number of countries across Europe. Playtech offers a platform for online casinos that is compatible with all major platforms that exist today, as well as powerful admin tools to customize the various platforms and games through one single account.

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What is Playtech?

Playtech launched its first casino product in 2001 and has since become a world leader in the casino online industry. In 2006, the company was valued at $950 million and in 2013, Playtech acquired for $49.2 million. In July of 2016, Playtech bought Best Gaming Technology for €138 million and has since grown exponentially. Much has happened in the last few years and still to this day, the Playtech train keeps moving forward at a steady pace.

Over 5,000 employees work for Playtech and this is proof that they are in fact the largest developer in the online casino industry. They have also established offices in Romania to invest in live casino. With the help of modern studios and professionally trained staff, the player is offered a unique experience of live casino gaming via the Internet.

Playtech has partnerships with Betfair, Bet365, William Hill, Sky and Paddy Power, which is also an indicator of how significant a developer they are. These are some very well known names in the casino industry who put their trust in Playtech, and that says a lot about the quality of Playtech’s services.

Playtech is also involved in helping gaming companies in establishing operations in new countries and new markets. They have both the know-how and experience of the work required to establish an online casino on a completely new market in another country, and they know exactly what needs to be taken into account, such as local legislation. Playtech have seen massive success in both Serbia and Italy as one of the first casino companies to launch online casino operations in these countries.

Playtech’s vision is to completely tear down any technological obstacles set between the customer (the online casino) and themselves, while maintaining a focus on innovation and breaking new ground. They want to empower the online casinos, letting them manage their business independently through the powerful tools Playtech offers without ever becoming cumbersome or complicated.

Playtech goal is to offer services that will help the online casinos to grow. They value their partnerships highly because they are genuine collaborations necessary for both Playtech and their customers to maintain their operations. Without casino operators, Playtech has no business and without casino games, the casinos have no content.

The best Playtech games

Playtech have created an incredibly large amount of games and their casino game library consists of several hundred different casino games of all kinds. By looking at the categories of games on offer, you will notice that their range is wide. They offer traditional casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack, poker, mobile games, sportsbook, live casino games, lottery and social casino games.

Their integration tool is called IMS (Information Management Solution) which contains all the tools needed for the online casinos to manage all parts of the casino business.

Some of the most popular games that Playtech has developed are Beach Life, Gold Rally, Queen of Pyramids, Cinerama and Iron Man. On the Playtech website you can find plenty of useful information regarding their services as well as their games library for customers who are looking to collaborate with Playtech.

The fact remains, however, that games like Beach Life and Gold Rally are incredibly popular slots games and they can be found at almost any online casino today. Most casino sites also offer players the opportunity to try the game with so-called “” before betting your own money and if you are interested in games developed by Playtech, you can usually find them at any of your favorite online casinos.

Playtech careers

It seems that Playtech does not offer career opportunities and job openings directly through their website. When new positions at Playtech are announced, they are more than likely published through external marekting platforms. That is not to say you should wait before you apply for jobs with Playtech. You can of course send them an application through any of their channels such as email or social media. Unlike many of the smaller casino game developers, the jobs at Playtech are not listed on their website, but given how many people are working for Playtech and the sheer size of their operations, you can be certain they are always open for new talent to join their teams.

Other information

Playtech offers customers (online casino operators) the ability to log in directly to the Playtech website, which is very convenient. They also have an incredibly content rich website with useful information about their history and working methods as well as the various tools, casino games and services they offer.

As a casino game company, they are the largest in the world, and it really shows. They have a very refined business conduct and they present themselves in a very professional manner. They value their customers highly and give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion directly through their website.

Aside from offering casino games, Playtech services also cover everything from customer support, financial advice, anti fraud measures, payment solutions, live dealers and even casino studios that you can rent. Last, but not least, Playtech can also manage the marketing for online casinos.

Playtech is simply one of the most complete online casino developers that offers much more than most of their competitors do. They are not only very experienced in the online casino industry, they also have the most tools and custom options available for their customers.