Online Casino Loyalty Programs

A casino loyalty program is the online casino’s way of rewarding loyal players. Players who visit the casino often and play frequently can earn different rewards over time. The most common way that loyalty programs work is that you collect points over time, where a certain activity generates a certain number of points. The points can then be used to gain benefits of various kinds.

Many online casinos implement a type of ladder with predetermined levels. When you then reach a new level, you get a new reward. You could also be taking on different challenges that you have to complete and then collect more points and move up the ladder. But a loyalty program can take on many different shapes and here we will describe what they can look like, as well as everything else you need to know about a loyalty program casino online.

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Different types of casino loyalty bonuses

There are many types of rewards for staying loyal to an online casino through the loyalty program. The most common benefits of casino loyalty programmes are of course different types of casino bonuses. For example, many casinos like to reward their players with free spins. Slots are usually the most popular casino games on casino sites and the casinos therefore offer their players free spins on slots through the loyalty programs. It is a perfect opportunity for players to play the fun videoslot games for free, with the same chances of winning as always, but without the risk of losing real money. For example, you can get a number of free spins linked to a specific slot, perhaps a game that the casino currently wants to market. Or you can spend your free spins however you want on the casino’s range of slots. Keep in mind, however, that there are usually wagering requirements on winnings you make from free spins. These winnings then go into your regular gaming account and need to be wagered multiple times before you can make a withdrawal.

You can also get so-called cashbacks through the casinos’ loyalty program. If you play at a casino with cashback loyalty bonus , you will sometimes receive regular refills on your gaming account. The money is usually paid out as a percentage of your wager, so the more money you wager, the more you can also get back in the form of cashback. In some cases, you can even exchange your loyalty points for cash. This usually requires you to have a certain number of points in the loyalty account. Another type of cashback offer is that you can place a risk-free bet through the loyalty program, also known as a freebet or free bet. For example, you play for €100 on a certain casino game and you get a refund of €100 even if you lose. This also qualifies as a kind of cashback bonus.

You can also find a number of other casino-related benefits through a casino loyalty program. On the one hand, you can get a regular deposit bonus through the loyalty program, much like what most online casinos offer. But you can also get tickets to poker tournaments, customized promotional offers, free bingo cards and much, much more.

Another form of reward offered through online casino loyalty programs are those that affect the world outside of online casinos. For example, you can win accessories, clothes and souvenirs as loyalty bonus rewards. There is also the chance to take part in draws where you can win trips or hotel stays.

Pros and cons of loyalty programs

The benefits of playing with a casino loyalty program are obvious for casino players. They give you more value for the money you deposit and you are given bonuses for free without having to make a new deposit yourself.

They also give you the feeling that you get rewards for your hard work. You feel that you really earned something on your own. There are also no hidden fees and extra wagering requirements with the casino loyalty program itself, so you do not risk locking your winnings behind a wall by participating in a casino loyalty program. It also costs nothing to be part of the casino loyalty program itself.

You can also be sure that a casino with a loyalty program can be trusted. This usually means that it is a high-class casino that also cares about taking care of its loyal players and want to build long-lasting relationships. Less trustworthy casinos would not invest their time and money in this way, so loyalty program casinos are often very legitimate.

How do casino loyalty programs work?

It is important to understand the basics of the loyalty programs before you partake in them, preferably before you register on the site. Casino loyalty programs can be a deciding factor in which casino you should choose and therefore this may be something you want to compare in advance and make sure you fully understand.

Some things to keep an eye on are what requirements are in place for you to fulfill before you are able to take advantage of the various benefits and how you can climb the casino loyalty program ladder.

If the casino uses a so-called redemption system, where you have to redeem your points and convert them into rewards, you also need to know how this is done. That is, how many points different activities give and how many points the different benefits cost when you convert the points.

Casino loyalty programs FAQ

What is a loyalty program?
A loyalty program is a kind of rewards ladder that some casinos use. Loyal customers receive different kinds of rewards and casino bonuses when they continue to play at the casino. Loyalty programs do not work the same way at all casinos and can look completely different from each other.
What are the benefits of loyalty programs?
Loyalty programs at online casinos give loyal casino players an advantage as the casino rewards you as long as you continue to be a loyal customer. Some players like to change casinos often and take advantage of welcome bonuses while others like to stay for longer. If you are a player who does not change casinos very often, you will be rewarded regularly if the casino has a loyalty program, which is perfect for those who have already found their favorite casino.
Should you choose a loyalty program casino?
If you are a casino player who does not like to switch between casinos often or if you have already found a casino you really feel at home with, it is a good idea to choose a casino that has a good loyalty bonus. This not only means that you will receive exclusive benefits that brand new players cannot take advantage of, it also means that the casino values ​​its best customers and wants to show that they care about you. If you are only going to play at one casino, find out what the casino’s loyalty program is like before you start playing!
What kind of loyalty bonuses are there?
If you are loyal to a casino, whether you have been a customer for a long time or wagered a lot of money, you can get a loyalty bonus that you can use in the casino games. Some online casinos let you choose the type of bonus you want to receive, others distribute special types of loyalty bonuses such as free spins, cashback or casino bonuses directly into your gaming account. If you prefer a certain type of casino bonus, find out what type of loyalty bonus the casino offers in its loyalty program before deciding where to play.

Online casino VIP systems

Some online casinos may also have exclusive loyalty programs for VIP players and high rollers. The particularly loyal players are welcomed with exclusive offers. Being a VIP member of a casino loyalty program usually means even better bonuses and offers for you. It can also mean that the casino tailors offers to your particular gaming habits and tastes. But VIP players can also get special benefits and liberties in the casino, such as increased withdrawal limits, free gifts and the like. It shows players that the casino trusts you as a VIP player. You will feel extra welcome as a VIP player in a casino’s loyalty program.

Special loyalty programs

There are some online casinos whose loyalty programs really stand out next to the competition. One such loyalty program is Casumo loyalty bonus , which calls itself ann ” adventure casino “. Here, the loyalty program is built into the entire casino experience, which really utilizes the full potential of the loyalty programs. The game itself involves you controlling one of the casino’s own sumo wrestling figures, also known as ” Casumos “. The Casumo character is born on a lonely planet and it is your mission to take the figure on an intergalactic journey through frequent gambling and comleting challenges. The more challenges you complete, the higher your Casumo climbs the casino loyalty program ladder.

Meanwhile the Casumo’s sumo belt is upgraded, allowing it to fly to other planets with bigger challenges and more lucrative bonuses. The loyalty program at Casino Heroes is similar to the one at Casumo. The loyalty program is woven into the casino itself and the first thing you should do is create a character to drop into the Casino Heroes world. Your mission is then to move through the casino world and ultimately take you to new worlds. You move forward through successful gambling and by completing various missions. At the end of each game world awaits a boss, which you must defeat to advance to the next world. Not unlike mobile games such as the super popular Candy Crush Saga.

Another example of a loyalty program is the one offered by BGO. Here, the loyalty program is in the form of a skyscraper where you have to get move up floor by floor in an elevator. Instead of abstract levels, you move through different floors and the higher you get, the better the rewards. At the top of the skyscraper awaits “The Penthouse”, where the most exclusive bonuses await.