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Review and Stats for Jungle Gorilla by Pragmatic Play

Jungle Gorilla review

In August 2020, slot provider Pragmatic Play released Jungle Gorilla, a video slot with high payouts and medium volatility. As you may have already understood from the title of this game, the theme of this slot machine is the majestic gorilla, the King of the Jugnle, which is of course filled with other animals such as tigers, chameleons and parrots. At first glance, the theme is a bit reminiscent of the well-known slot machine Gonzos Quest from NetEnt. In addition to the first-class graphics and the phenomenal sound, it is the maximum payout in Jungle Gorilla base game that stands out the most, set at 2800x your bet and you can get a multiplier of up to 5x on each individual wheel. Join us on our deep-dive into the jungle to see what treasures lay hidden there!

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How to play Jungle Gorilla

The slot provider Pragmatic Play has become one of the world’s largest and most popular brands in online casinos is a formidable challenger to true casino giants such as NetEnt, Play’n Go and Yggdrasil Gaming when it comes to graphics and sound quality. All their games run smoothly and feel very professional. This is especially true for Jungle Gorilla, which is a wonderfully relaxing experience for those who prefer a simple, straightforward and classic online slots experience.

Jungle Gorilla is a classic online slot with 5 reels and 3 lines and 20 paylines. Apart from the base game features, there are no special features such as free spins / free play mode, Jungle Gorilla is fairly barebones compared to many other new slots online. It is quite easy to learn the game mechanics if you are new to playing slots online for this reason. However, there are so-called Jungle Gorilla Multipliers of up to 5x on each wheel. If you get a Jungle Gorilla Wild on any of the wheels with multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x, you can win really big. It is also possible to combine Wilds on several wheels at the same time. With a maximum win of 2800x your bet, it can make for some pretty astounding winnings!

Jungle Gorilla has an RTP of 96.57% and you can bet anything from €0.2 to €100. With this RTP, Jungle Gorilla is a game that is best suited for players who want to win often rather than win a lot. It’s will never take you too long until the next win in Jungle Gorilla slot and it makes the whole gaming experience more fun. The volatility in Jungle Gorilla is at a low to medium level. The Wild Multiplier system that Pragmatic Play offers in this game is also found in other games from the company and is really the only function that you need to keep track of in Jungle Gorilla. Everything else in the game you will recognize from other classic slots online, so there are no major surprises in terms of gameplay features.

You win by getting at least 3 symbols on one payline. You can get the biggest wins by combining 4 or 5 identical symbols on a payline. Due to the fact that Jungle Gorilla does not have lots of bonus games, Pragmatic Play has made up for that by paying out fairly generous winnings in the base game, where even a payline with 3 symbols can pay out a decent penny. For those who want to sit back and let the game handle the spin for you, there is both an auto play function and turbo spins so you can choose the pace that suits you best.

Jungle Gorilla theme

What is the best feature of Jungle Gorilla from Pragamtic Play, you might wonder? It is the theme itself and the wonderful graphics, sound effects and music that mix together delicately. Playing this slot feels like you are standing in a rainforest glade deep in the African jungle, surrounded by overgrown trees and curious animals peeking out at you from the treetops and bushes. If Sir David Attenborough was an online slots fanatic, he would probably have loved playing Jungle Gorilla!

Before you even start spinning the wheels, the game feels alive and atmospheric. When you spin the wheels, you will notice that the animations are soft and relaxing and above all very well designed. No choppy transitions or low framerates were encountered while we were testing Jungle Gorilla, unlike a few of the world’s best slots online such as Thunderstruck 2 which might feel a bit outdated in comparison to this game.

In this game, you will get to know some of the inhabitants of the jungle such as elephants, chameleons, tigers, parrots and gorillas. Of course, the gorilla symbols pay the most when you get that symbol lined up on the payline. The whole jungle theme is very relaxing, and thanks to the calm animations and soothing sound effects, the game never gets too intense. Only when you win, the pace of the music increases and the animals on the symbols come to life.

Jungle Gorilla from Pragmatic Play is perfect for those who are new to online casinos or just want to meditate for a while.

Jungle Gorilla bonus games

As we mentioned before, there are no bonus games to speak of in Jungle Gorilla. However, one could say that the Multiplier is a kind of bonus feature, although they are very common in all types of online slots. In this game they are called Wild Multipliers.

As the only bonus game in Jungle Gorilla, it is also the only gameplay feature that distinguishes Jungle Gorilla from some other slots, as it works in a slightly different way than you may be used to. How do these Wild Multipliers work then? Well, by collecting Scatter symbols, which in this case are depicted as gold coins with a gorilla on them, a Multiplier is added to the wheel that it landed on. The multiplier increases up to 5x on each wheel, but then it stops. This means that you sometimes get Scatters on wheels that already have 5x Multiplier, which might feel like a wasted opportunity.

But Scatters are handed out frequently and once you win on a payline, you can activate several Wild Multipliers at once. They are activated on the wheels that have a Jungle Gorilla Wild symbol on them. When a wheel shows a Wild symbol, the wheel’s Multiplier is reset to 1x again.

We can’t say much more about bonus games in Jungle Gorilla, as the Multiplier is all that is offered. But just because there are no other bonus games does not mean that the game is bad. You can win big through the base game and as a beginner it is easy to keep up with the game from start to finish.

Jungle Gorilla symbols

Jungle Gorilla has a few symbols you should know of, namely the following:

  • Playing Cards: The most common symbols with the lowest value.
  • Chameleon, tiger, elephant, parrot and gorilla: Pays out larger amounts and can be combined with Wilds.
  • Gold Coin Scatter: Increases the Multiplier on the wheel by1x up to 5x.
  • Wild Multiplier: Activates the Multiplier on the wheel and replaces all other symbols.
Jungle Gorilla Wild is your best friend in this game, it activates Wild Multipliers on the wheels.


Being a Pragmatic Play online slot game, it’s pretty odd that Jungle Gorilla lacks bonus games and free spins in addition to the basic multiplier system offered in this game. For new players it might come as a relief, as it means that you do not have to manage too many different concepts at once, but for experienced players it might feel like the game is lacking content. Many players expect at least a handful of bonus games.

However, Jungle Gorilla compensates for that with high payouts in the base game of up to 2800x your bet, frequent wins and really advanced graphics throughout. If you just want to experience a relaxing and classic online slot machine, Jungle Gorilla might suit you well. If you also like animals and the nature, this slot machine will certainly make for a peaceful gaming session.

Some would probably say that Jungle Gorilla is a bit too barebones or even unfinished, but we at theGamer suspect that this was a conscious design choice by Pragmatic Play, to offer a contrast to the action packed and intense new slots that have appeared on the market in recent years. It feels a bit like a breath of fresh air and is the perfect game for when you just want to sit back and relax. However, it can get very exciting when you end up with high Wild Multipliers on several of the wheels and collect a Mega win. Perhaps it is because of the stripped-down and basic systems that the jungle theme was chosen for this slot, to reflect how simple and pure life in the jungle really is.

If you are strictly looking for slots with lots of different paylines and bonus games, free spins and variations of Wilds then Jungle Gorilla may not be the game for you. However, the game can be a pleasant change of pace when you are worn out from playing intense and fast-paced slots. Some prefer extreme, hyper-fast and lively environments such as Turbo Vegas casino, while others want a more peaceful experience when playing casino online. That is precisely why there are casinos for all tastes, just as there are slots for all tastes. Jungle Gorilla is definitely a game for those who want to enjoy a more quiet and down to earth experience.

You can play Jungle Gorilla for free here at theGamer! Just click the button at the top of this page and you will see the game in action before using real money. Do you want to try your luck for real? Then click on one of the casinos that has Jungle Gorilla listed above!