How to play Keno

Keno is easier to learn than you might think and the entertainment value is high. It is not difficult then to understand why it has been around for so long and is still immensely popular. Are you looking for an opportunity to win big in a life-changing way? Do you want answers to questions such as: How to play keno – How much does it cost to play keno? Which keno level is the best? And what are the probabilities of winning at keno? We will give you the answers! We at theGAMER want to offer you our best tips and tricks to give you better knowledge regarding this fantastic game we know as Keno!

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Kort om kenos historia

Många misstar ofta Keno för att svenskt men faktum är att det är ett det lotteribaserade hasardspelet som har funnits i långt över 1000 år och skapades i Kina. Order Keno dock härstammar inte ifrån Kina vilket man skulle kunna tro utan det är har sin härkomst ifrån Franrike, Ordet Keno är en variant det Franska ordet ”quine” som betyder något i stil med ”de vinnande fem numren” alternativt det latiska ordet ”quini” som betyder ”fem var”. Tidigare i Sverige så spelades Keno nästan enbart via svenska spel men I dag återfinns spelet inte bara Svenska spel utan även på casinon, även många klubbar och barer runt om i världen där det ofta uppskattas av många ivriga spelare som vill känna spänningen med att spela keno, för om inget annat är det i alla fall riktigt nervkittlande.

Hur spelar man keno?

Keno är både roligt och enkelt att spela, när man spelar keno hos Svenska spel gäller det att få 1-11 nummer rätt av de 20 nummer som dras. De 20 numren dras ur en samling som innehåller mellan 70 och 80 nummer beroende på om du spelar via Svenska spel eller online. I slutet av varje dragning dras dessutom ett extra nummer som kallas för ”Kung Keno”. Kung Keno är aldrig ett unikt nummer utan dras bland de 20 nummer som redan dragits mer om detta lite längre ner.

Du väljer själv hur många nummer du spelar på när du spelar Keno, från ett nummer till elva nummer. Hur många nummer du spelat på påverkar hur stor vinsten blir om du vinner. Ju fler nummer du spelat på desto större är förstås chansen får att du ska få in ett eller flera nummer, och vinsterna justeras därefter. Den som spelar på få nummer har något längre vinstchans, men när det väl blir rätt så vinner man sig en trevlig summa pengar. Den som spelar på uppemot elva nummer har betydligt högre vinstchans, men varje vinst blir inte då nödvändigvis inte så stor.

Du kan alltså själv påverka enkelt vinstbeloppet genom att spela för högre radinsats.

Vad kostar det att spela Keno?

Most keno variants allow for relatively small bets as well as higher bets. You will find that every keno variant has a different set of conditions. Usually the bets range from €1 to €20 but sometimes go even higher. In Sweden, where Keno is immensely popular, the bets begin at €0.5. In other countries, Keno bets can reach up to €50 or more.

What is the probability that you will win the maximum amount?

Although you might feel the big win is within your grasp when you sit and wait for the draw, the fact is that the probability unfortunately is quite low. For example, In Swedish Keno the probability is 1 in 815928680 to get 10 numbers right. You also include the “king keno” in this calculation and the probability is 1 in 12 883 084 of winning the largest amount. It might sound hopeless, but do not despair! You can always win on the lower keno levels / lines, even though the payout is lower. But a win is a win right?

Keno payout

One thing to know about Keno is that the winnings are usually fixed in most keno variants. There are different Keno levels also called Keno payout plans. The bet level has its own fixed payout plan so you can easily see how big a payout will be. If you play with bonus features such as King Keno, your bet is doubled or sometimes even tripled. But if you win, you win double or more. You can also play keno system games, which gives you a chance at more wins and increases your chances of winning on different combinations. You can of course choose to vary your bet. The payout plans are different on each casino and keno variant, but let’s take Swedish Keno as an example again. If you bet €0.5 you do not get a multiplier. If you bet €1 instead, your payout is doubled. If you bet €20, it quadruples, and so on, all the way up to €10. This might sound like very small bets, but if you win the maximum payout, you will get filthy rich!


Are you a real fan of playing Keno and know the basic rules, but want to expand your tactics a little more? Well, then there are a bunch of different keno systems ( or keno strategies ) found below that we at theGAMER have tried out and that seemed to work the best.

Combination bet
This is a type of bet that allows you to combine one or more different regular bets with variant bets on the same keno coupon.

Split bet
Two or more regular bets available on one and the same keno coupon. You simply mark out two separate number groups on the keno coupon and you show which group belongs to which game. We should mention that when it comes to a split bet, you are not allowed to use the same number in multiple games simultaneously.

Top or bottom, left or right and edge bets
Keno systems where you bet on a specific area of ​​the keno coupon at its different sections. With a top and bottom section, you can bet on the upper part, denomination number 1 to 40 or the lower part which is the denomination 41 to 80 of the coupon (if the coupon consists of 80 numbers, that is). For example, if you get 13 or more of these numbers correct, you will win.

With the right or left system, you can choose, as you probably understand, numbers from the right or left sections. There are also edge bets which means you are betting on the numbers found in the outer edges of the coupon. At the edges, you have a total of 32 numbers to choose from. Remember that the edge bet usually costs a little more than a regular keno coupon.

Variant bet
In variant bets, you bet on several different sets of numbers in the same game. For example you might select three different number sets. The first with 4 numbers, the second with 3 and the third with 3 numbers. You have then bet on 10 numbers and now you can play these in 5 different ways.

-As a group of 10 numbers which is written as 1/10
As a group of 3 numbers which is written as 2/3
As a group of 7 numbers which is written as 2/7
As a group of 4 numbers which is written as 1/4
As a group of 6 numbers which is written as 1/6

The next step will be to choose how much to bet on each “way”. If you bet €1 per way, the coupon will cost €5. This is quite simple and something that you gets more intuitive and easier to understand each time you play.

Keno variants

In recent years, many new types of Keno have emerged, for example Keno Express. This type of Keno is common at online casinos. You get the result of the keno draw immediately with the press of a button. You choose your numbers and the size of your wager. But if you do not feel like choosing numbers yourself, online Keno games help you randomize a set of numbers. With help of this function, you can randomize your keno line and mark which line you want to bet on.

You also have the option to play your line with special functions such as King Keno. These special functions usually cost double or triple the line bet but will significantly increase the possible winnings. Another great thing about playing online is that you no longer have to wait for the draw. When you are have made your choice of numbers and the line bet is ready, the result will show up straight way. There is no physical tombola in Keno online unless you are playing a live casino game variant. Another fun thing is that you can choose at what pace the numbers should be drawn. You can choose between different intervals on how soon the next number should be displayed.

Keno trivia

Keno has a long and exciting history, which means that many strange things have happened since the game was invented. Let us tell you about some of them!

Keno systems have roots in Chinese poetry

As we mentioned before, Keno has its origins in China, even though many mistakenly believe it to be French. It is said that the inventor of Keno was a war lord named Cheung Leung who tried to find a way to make money by organizing gambling events. The keno system used back in ancient China is in many ways similar to what we use today. But instead of numbers, the game used 120 different Chinese symbols that were taken from an ancient poetry. When keno came to the western world, the symbols were instead replaced by numbers.

Keno helped build the Great Wall of China

We could hardly believe it to be true, but allegedly Keno had a great impact on the Chinese economy back in those days. According to historical findings, Cheung Leung’s keno game became so popular that the profits from his Keno games were used to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China! According to these sources, he was a war lord set on protecting the homeland, hence the wall needed to be built. Now we really understand how important the game was in China, but also how old Keno actually is.

Keno was brought here by railway workers

It took a very long time before Keno was introduced to the western world, in fact all the way into the 19th century. It was only when Chinese immigrants began to settle in Europe and the United States to expand the railways that keno spread here. At first, the Chinese immigrants played Keno only amongst themselves, but soon locals and other workers started to open their eyes to the fun game.

Keno was banned in American casinos

When Keno began to be played in casinos in the United States in the 1930s, the fun was short-lived. The US Gambling Authority banned Keno as lotto games were not allowed in casinos. Before Keno was eventually allowed in casinos, operators had to apply creative methods to get around the rules. Among other things, they changed the name of Keno to “horse racing keno” for a while.

No one has ever gotten 20 right numbers in a game of Keno

Finally, we can add that no one has ever ended up with 20 right numbers in a Keno game, at least as far as documented wins go. In most modern keno systems, you choose 20 numbers. To get them all right, the odds are about 1 in 3,500,000,000,000,000,000. As long as Keno continues to be played around the world, there is always the chance that some lucky player will get 20 numbers right, but it will probably take a while longer before it happens… and 19 right is not too shabby either, right? Select a casino from our list and try the game that gave us the Great Wall of China!