Play roulette online

Roulette is the backbone for almost every casino online and plays a very central role in both land-based and online casinos. The history of roulette will be given special attention in this article, but we will also explain other aspects of online roulette. Which it is well worth as roulette is an extremely fun, exciting and elegant game.

What is roulette?

The best thing about roulette is that the easy-to-learn roulette rules are very simple and are something that everyone can learn the basics of very quickly. But not even that is necessary, just take a chip and lay it out on the table wherever it looks to fit. And then wait for the turn when the ball rolls in the wheel. Just when you have laid out your chips, the excitement is felt when the ball spins around, it can enchant anyone. The feeling of happiness when you win big in roulette is hard to beat!

There is almost no casino that would call itself a casino without roulette, but there are exceptions. You could also call restaurants and bars with slot machines and blackjack tables a casino, techincally. But it can only be considered a complete casino experience if it also contains a roulette table.

Gambling is otherwise something that is close to us in our everyday lives – in gambling shops in crowded urban areas, in bingo halls in the cities and even at home or wherever you are currently at through your smart phone. With a smartphone (or tablet and personal computer) we can easily access online casinos with a simple press of a button. In addition, All the major casinos around the world offer a plethora of roulette tables and different types of roulette games. It is no wonder then, that roulette has become a staple item in the vast array of online casino games found on all the different casino sites. Roulette is played all over the world and works more or less the same way no matter where you are or where you live. Hence, roulette has become a social catalyst for people of different cultures and nationalities to come together. Everyone can have fun and enjoy the excitement of roulette. Much like blackjack online, roulette is easy to learn, breaks through all barriers and reigns as one of the most popular casino games of all time.

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How to play roulette

The game is based on betting on a number and winning if the ball in the wheel stays on the corresponding number. The numbers 1 to 36 are called ” inside bets ” and you can bet on a single number, two numbers, three numbers, four numbers or six numbers. In addition, there are outside bets such as red or black, odd or even and high or low. In addition, there is a column, which is marked below the longitudinal direction under the numbers 1 to 34, numbers 2 to 35 and numbers 3 to 36. So you can also bet chips on the first dozen, second dozen or third dozen. How little or how much you can bet varies from one casino to another. These are the names of the different bets and what profit they pay out in odds (French name, English name and the odds):

  • Plain: Straight: 35:1
  • Cheval: Split: 17:1
  • Transversal: Street: 11:1
  • Carré: Corner: 8:1
  • Simple: Six Line or Double Street: 5:1
You can also bet on a third part of the numbers:
  • Column: Dozen: 2:1
  • Premiere douzaine, Moyenne douzaine ou Dernière douzaine: First dozen, second dozen or third dozen: 2:1
The following bets on 18 issues are also called The Simple Chances:
  • Rouge ou Noir: Red or black: 1:1
  • Pair ou Impair: Even or Odd: 1:1
  • Manque ou Passe: Hi (high) or Low 1 -18: 1:1
There may also be tables with a zig-zag bet, called a snake bet made for a zigzag pattern. This is not possible at all casinos but where they allow such a bet, chips are placed at the bottom at numbers 34, 35 or 36 (which is also the last number in the pattern) on the line for dozen of columns 1 to 34 (starting with 1, 5 and 9, down to 12, 14, 16, etc.), 2 to 35 and 3 to 36.

Let the games begin!

The croupier, or dealer as we also say, tells you when you can place your bets. When everyone is ready, the ball is dropped and hits in the opposite direction of the direction that the wheel spins. The dealer calls out: No more bets. Wait for the ball to stop and keep your fingers crossed. The numbers in the wheel are not randomly placed but instead follow a strict pattern. Many players use a strategy to place bets next to each other on the wheel, but we will look closer at roulette strategies and systems in a different post found here on theGamer. When the ball has stopped, the dealer calls out the winning number with a loud voice so that everyone can hear and see where the ball has stopped. Should any mishap occur, for example that someone drops something in the wheel, the dealer shall judge whether or not to replay.

Casino games are cleverly devised, all players have different colored chips. This is necessary in order to successfully separate the players’ chips from one another. After the dealer has removed all losing numbers and dealt any winnings, the table must be empty before starting a new game. The exception is if the winner wants to leave his chips. Common sense and etiquette should be observed when playing at a casino in real life (irl as it is called in chat language). If you play online casino, it does not matter how you behave. If we take Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau for example, you must be neatly dressed, clean and not be drunk. The minimum age differs depending on where you are. In America it is 21 years, in Sweden it is 20 years and all guests are photographed and allowed to identify themselves, as well as pay an entrance fee. Many casinos in Las Vegas or Europe have less formal requirements and will allow players to roam the casino without providing identification and no dress code is imposed on visitors. A surcharge is avoided at online casinos, in fact the opposite is true – they hand out casino bonuses and free spins completely free of charge and sometimes even without turnover requirements.

Roulette is a risky but exciting game

Roulette is a game of pure chance, all results are based on luck. Still, there are some ways to try to bypass this fact, different strategies and systems to maximize your chance of winning at roulette. Here at theGamer, for example, you can learn to play roulette using strategies and systems such as Martingales, Hollandish, Fibonacci and D’alembert to master your roulette game. Purely mathematically, you cannot win against the casino but it is based on facts over time and on averages. What you try to overcome with strategy is to get between the times when the statistics are in your favor. Casinos are profitable and odds favour the house, of course. Otherwise they would soon run out of money. For roulette, players take home 2.70 percent of all bets when it comes to European / French roulette and 5.26 percent for American roulette. The explanation for the discrepancy is that the former contains 37 numbers and the American 38 numbers, thus changing the mathematical formula. The reason for why different types of roulette have been invented can be explained if you take a look at the history of roulette.

The history of roulette

The first known casino is Ridotto in Venice, Italy, which opened in 1638 and became a model for all future casinos. The inventor of the first prototype for roulette was the mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal. At the time Ridetto started, he was only 15 years old, so there might not have been roulette tables available in that casino back then. That a mathematician was involved in the creation points to the numbers 1 to 36 that the game board consists of. If you add all the numbers in the series, you get the sum 666, which is considered the devil’s number. But Pascal was probably most interested in the wheel; roulette means ” small wheel ” in French. He created roulette based on his will to create the machine of eternity. This endeavor led to a timeless classic known as roulette, so in a way he did manage to create a machine of eternity – roulette is as popular as ever! After the 17th century, not much is known about continued developments for the game until the 1790s, when roulette was mentioned in a book published sometime in the 19th century. But it is probable that roulette and other games of chance were played mostly by high society during the 18th century and the first half of the 19th century. Because back then all gambling was banned across Europe.

Blanc enters the history books

At that time, the Blanc brothers were successful in operating a casino in Bad Homburg, Germany. There they had taken their creation, a roulette table with only one zero. The predecessor had two zeroes and was not as favorable towards the players. Therefore, Blanc’s casino became more popular as it proved easier to win. When the casinos were banned, only one casino in Monaco remained open and it was not a successful venture. The princess convinced one of the brothers to run the casino in Monte Carlo and he did it with gusto. His epithet was first “The Magician of Homurg” but later became “The Magician of Monte Carlo”. He improved the principality’s casino and developed it into nothing less than a money making machine. Monaco had legalized gambling despite other European countries’ hardline approach, which made Monte Carlo a point of pilgrimage for gambling afficionados. François Blanc ran the casino until his death in 1877, but many say that his spirit still roams the palace where the casino is housed.

A century ago, roulette traveled across the American south coast and it consisted of a table with double zeros. They even had a table with a double eagle (American symbol) in the roulette wheel. It was not on the board and the if the ball stayed there no one won. In the 1930s, gambling was legalized in Nevada and Las Vegas was built. Today it is known as the center for casinos worldwide. With the help of the Americans, in the early 2000s, Macao, a small administrative region in southeastern China, was made into large complexes with hotels and casinos. Today, these casinos have a much higher turnover than Las Vegas, even though they have fewer hotels. But nowadays there are lots of casinos around the world. In Europe there are both state owned and privately owned casinos. In Germany, for example, there are about fifty casinos of international status. In Denmark there are more than in Sweden and in Helsinki, Finland there is also one casino. In the Nordics, only Iceland and Norway do not yet have their own casinos.