VR Casinos – play casino with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is the next big step for the online casino market. The technology behind VR has already begun to change our world in many ways and now it has also gained momentum in our world of online casinos. VR casino is a fairly new phenomenon and will only become more sophisticated. Soon, VR slots will be available at all the best casinos and poker sites.

There are not yet too many casinos with VR capabilities, but will probably become a standard in the near future. Get ready to discover a whole new world of casino games – literally! In this guide we explain what a VR casino is, how it to play casino in VR and where to find them. Say hello to the future of gaming!

What is Virtual Reality?

Most people have heard of VR, the abbreviation for Virtual Reality. It is a phenomenon that has become increasingly common in our everyday lives. In short, VR is a technology that takes you to a virtual environment through a headset consisting of goggles and headphones. Instead of looking at a screen, you are literally part of the virtual world and you can move freely in all directions. Virtual Reality is thus a digital world where you experience your surroundings as if you saw it with your own eyes.

Virtual Reality is not brand new, the technology has been around for several years, but still most people have not familiarized themselves with it. VR devices are still fairly expensive, but they are getting cheaper and more powerful every year. Perhaps you have heard of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google VR, Playstation VR, Samsung VR or Unity? These technologies enable digital entertainment in a VR environment. But VR is not strictly for entertainment purposes, you can participate in virtual meetings, go on virtual tours, use it as a tool during medical operations or to visit museums and art exhibitions in other countries. The possibilities are endless!

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However, simulating a real world is both difficult and time consuming for software developers. To fool the human eye is no easy task, as computer graphics are not yet as authentic as reality. Much like voice control and motion control in computers, VR has taken quite a long time to become reliable enough to convince people to buy it. But now Virtual Reality has become refined enough for many large software developers to begin developing software for VR, mainly through video games, movies and online casino.

What is the difference between VR and AR?

In addition to VR, another exciting technology has emerged, namely AR. AR stands for Augmented Reality and differs slightly from Virtual Reality in some ways. Augmented Reality mixes the real world with the virtual world. Take, for example, a pair of eyeglasses that point the way to your destination by marking arrows along the street you are walking on. Or let’s take Pokémon Go for example, which lets you explore the real world and encounter Pokémon that you can be seen through your smartphone camera. The difference between AR and VR is that Virtual Reality is a completely virtual world while AR mixes reality with virtual elements.

VR has even greater potential than AR because the VR technology does not rely on what the real world around you looks like. Regardless of which environment you want to place the user in, it can be achieved through virtual reality. This technology is perfect for online casinos because the key to a perfect casino experience is the atmosphere that only a casino can induce. VR casinos are just like visiting a real casino without having to leave the comfort of your home!

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How Virtual Reality works

how virtual reality works

To be able to experience Virtual Reality, you first need to buy a VR headset, such as an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, because VR requires both your sight and hearing to immerse you into the virtual world. VR is thus both software and hardware, a computer inside your VR headset detects which direction you are looking. Some variants also utilize hand-held motion controls, which allow you to touch and pick up objects in the virtual world.

When you are looking through the VR goggles, a digital world appears all around you. The goggles and headphones are calibrated to respond to your head movements, meaning that you navigate in the virtual environment by shifting your gaze. For example, if you have your back to a virtual poker table in a VR casino, you will hear the sounds from the players emanating from behind you. Both audio and video are experienced like in the real world.

Today, there are a plethora of different VR headsets to choose from and the technology is used primarily for video games. And now there are even several casinos with Virtual Reality available online. Although many people believe that VR headsets are both expensive and difficult to use, this is no longer true. A lot has happened in recent years and VR headsets are now available even for smartphones for a small price and the larger VR models such as Oculus are now very easy to use. Soon, VR will be so powerful that you can barely tell the difference between reality and the virtual world!

What is a VR casino?

If you have played video games in a first-person view, meaning that you see from the avatar’s point of view, then you already know approximately what VR is to an online casino. Before VR casino existed, you would rely on casinos with 3D, that is, the environment inside the casino could be explored in 3D, to simulate a real casino feeling. Many online casinos try to capture that glamorous and elegant atmosphere that only a real casino has. Until now, 3D casino was the closest you could get to that. VR casinos take the immersion one step further, by allowing players to step into a virtual casino as if they were actually there themselves.

At a VR casino, you can mingle with other players and take a seat at any game of your choosing. Instead of scrolling through lists and searching for games, you step into a casino and get to explore it in person. If you like to play video slots, walk over to a row of slot machines, if you prefer roulette and baccarat, go to the section with all the tables. Maybe you just want to soak in the atmosphere and listen to the house band playing music on stage? VR casinos can capture that unique casino feel in a way that no other online casino can.

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As Virtual Reality gets more advanced and refined, casinos with VR are becoming increasingly realistic and more casinos are turning to VR gaming. We have only seen the beginning of VR. Today there are not a whole lot of casinos with VR, but just as people were hesitant to play casino online a few years ago, it is only a matter of time before it becomes ubiquitous. What was considered science fiction yesterday is reality tomorrow, not least when it comes to VR casino online. Now that you understand the basics of how VR works, you can surely imagine the ways that casinos with VR take the experience to completely new levels. We will now go through some of the reasons why casinos with VR are worth trying out!

Why you should play casino in VR

In a VR casino there is no dress code, everyone is welcome with or without tuxedo. The best thing about VR casinos is that you get to experience Las Vegas from your own living room! There are of course several benefits to VR casinos and one of the largest is the unique experience that they offer. No other type of online casino can match the genuine casino atmosphere that casinos with VR create. Playing casino online is more convenient and easier than going to Las Vegas, but online casinos have never been able to achieve the same authentic and immersive atmosphere until now. And we can hardly wait to see how realistic VR casinos will become as the VR technology evolves!

Another advantage of a VR casino is that you learn how real casinos look and feel. If you want to go to a real casino, online casinos with VR can be a good way to get familiar with it, especially if you have never been to one before. Most of us may not have the opportunity to visit the world’s largest casinos in Las Vegas, London and Macau very often, so the VR casinos can be a perfect alternative. Instead of paying thousands of Euros for hotel rooms and airline tickets, you can buy a VR headset and experience the casino virtually. If you love the casino in its virtual form, you can save up for a real visit!

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VR casino – a social experience

At a casino with VR, you do not have to deal with cumbersome menus or search bars to select a game, you just go to the casino game you are interested in and take a seat, just like in real life. You are not sent to a new web page, instead you remain in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the casino, with other players going about their business all around you. Online casinos have tried to simulate the festive casino feel, but it is only with VR that the online casino theme and the actual games merge into one and the same environment. It is both smoother and feels more natural and social to us players.

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VR create a much more social gaming experience by letting players mingle with each other in the virtual casinos. It is a unique feature that cannot be recreated at regular online casinos. Maybe you want to watch other people play poker, hang out at the bar chat with the bartender or just stroll around the casino floor? All aspects of the gaming experience become more social through VR casinos thanks to the fact that real people can experience the casino together as if they were in the same place. Imagine being able to read your opponent’s body language in a poker match or hear the cheers from friends when you win at a jackpot game – casinos with VR are the closest you can get to a night out at a Vegas casino!

If you do not own a VR headset but want to get a feel for how VR casinos work, you can try a casino with 3D as they are currently more common. It’s not a bad idea to get acquainted with VR casinos today, because they will only continue to grow in popularity over the coming years.

Where to play casino in VR

Although VR casino is a relatively new concept, there are already casinos that have made Virtual Reality casino their main focus. One of the best VR casinos is Slots Million which has built a large and lavish casino in Virtual Reality with many of the best slot machines like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest available. If you want to try the experience of a true VR casino, there are some awesome casinos with VR to discover today. SlotsMillion is without a doubt an experience beyond the ordinary for us casino players!

Given how groundbreaking the new VR technology is for online casinos, more and more online casinos have begun to look to Virtual Reality. So we will likely see a host of new casinos popping up with VR games in exciting casino environments such as famous hotels in Las Vegas and Macau. However, there VR device owners are still relatively few, so it will probably take a little while longer before all online casinos offer VR games. But just like mobile casino and live casino have taken over the online casino market, VR casino gaming might surge in popularity very quickly.

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Virtual Reality casinos in the future

Even though the future is already here in a way, we have only seen the beginning of casinos with VR as the technology will reach its full potential only when VR casino gaming becomes an industry standard. Many of the best casinos have not taken a leap into the VR casino market yet because most players play on their laptop or smartphone, and relatively few casino games have so far been ported for VR. But some exclusive VR casinos have already been launched and the players who have tried them are very satisfied. If this trend continues, more casinos will offer VR casino and the VR games themselves will become significantly more advanced.

What can we expect from a casino with VR in the future? One of the most important things about a VR casino is that they can offer a much more realistic and atmospheric environment than regular online casinos. At present, the social experience has not reached full potential, but we believe that VR casinos in the future will have even more impressive multiplayer modes where hundreds of players intermingle in the same session. Imagine being able to order drinks at the bar and talk to other real casino guests between rounds of slots! Perhaps you will also get the opportunity to enter sessions for certain types of players, such as poker players only or slot enthusiasts. Even today, you can experience this unique feeling at for example PokerStars VR and SlotsMillion.

Below is an example of how much fun you can have at PokerStars VR when playing with some friends. Fun little details such as high fives, selfies and karaoke between rounds adds a level of immersion and freedom never before seen in an online casino environment, and it makes a huge difference. At a VR casino you can truly express yourself any way you want!

In addition to regular casino games such as poker, blackjack and slots, Virtual Reality can improve odds and betting as well. Maybe we will be able to bet on virtual sports in VR such as football matches, boxing, horse racing or Formula 1 while sitting in the stands virtually! As we said, the possibilities are endless in VR casino and the experience is so much more than just the games themselves. The level of immersion is what makes VR casinos worth it. The real-time interaction with other real players has made online casino into something completely new and exciting again. This is why live casino games from companies like Evolution Gaming has become so popular.

We also expect to see a lot of real casinos in Las Vegas recreated as Virtual Reality casinos and also a number of fictional environments such as Mr Green VR or NYSpins VR casino. Then we really get to see what these gaming companies imagine their perfect casino would look like, especially those casinos that have a distinct theme or setting. The world is constantly striving for more user-friendly technology and Virtual Reality is becoming more powerful and cheaper with each passing year. Soon, Virtual Reality casinos will feel as realistic as going to the real thing. The future is already here, so why wait? Try a Virtual Reality casino today!