Casino bonus 2024

Playing casino online is very simple as you basically only need a computer, tablet or smartphone to get started. Nowadays, most online casinos offer specially adapted versions for games on mobile and tablet, which means that the experience does not get worse or any more complicated. An expression that has become extremely common is ” no account casino “. You create an account on one or more casino sites in an instant and you can then choose between all types of games. You can play from anywhere, be it the bedroom or on a sandy beach! Perhaps best of all though, is the coveted casino bonus that we are going to take a closer look at right now. Read all about casino bonuses and get your own casino bonus today!

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Casino Bonus 2024 – Campaigns and Offers

In order to get the most out of your gambling at the online casino, it is very important to know the basic concepts of the casino online world. Once you have started playing, situations quickly arise where you should be aware of what rules apply and what they translate to in practice. If you have also started playing with your own money, it is even more important to know the casino terms by heart.

Casino bonus is a recurring theme in online casino games. Even if you already know casino bonuses on a surface level (that they are a type of reward), it hardly covers the basics. Casino bonuses can come in many different shapes and sizes and don’t fit into a single mold. We will therefore go into a little more detail about what casino bonus really means in practice and what different types of casino bonus you may encounter when playing casino online 2024.

As the gaming market today is overcrowded with casinos engaged in online operations, they must work diligently with marketing to attract new customers and stand out from the crowd. The online casino sites do this, among other things, with the help of targeted offers and promotions that contain different types of casino bonuses. It can consist of anything from free spins on various video slots to real money to play for, or even gifts of various kinds, such as travels and gift cards.

Online casinos use casino bonuses for various purposes such as getting new players to register. This is called a welcome bonus. Depending on what kind of game you like to play at the casino, you will find different types of casino bonuses. Free spins are used in slots and jackpot games and bonus money is mainly used to play classic casino games such as Poker, Roulette and Blackjack. You might also encounter free bets that allow you to bet on the casino sportsbook for free.

Welcome Bonus

This bonus is the most common in online casinos and is available at almost every online casino today. It can broadly be described as a kind of “bait” for the casino sites to attract new players. You can find really generous welcome bonuses to take advantage of in connection with registering as a player on a casino site. This can either be awarded in free spins or in casino bonuses, free bets and other more creative ways. Many of the best casinos online also offer you a deposit bonus on the second, third and fourth deposit. It is worthwhile to try out several different casinos online and reap the rewards before settling for one casino.

The welcome bonus is a deposit bonus you receive in connection with an initial deposit of money into your gaming account. You simply deposit x amount and get y amount in casino bonus. A fairly common type of welcome bonus is that you get 100% of up to €100 in deposit bonus on your gaming account – ie €200 to play for.

To sum it up, you could say that welcome bonuses are a way for the casino to thank their customers for their trust in them as a gambling site. In addition to the money you receive, this bonus can also include free spins to use in the casino’s video slot machines and progressive jackpots.

The benefits of playing with a casino bonus are many, as it increases the chances of winning on several levels – partly because you can get better at a casino game without investing more of your own money, partly because you simply get more money to play for.

Turnover requirements usually affect bonuses in one way or another, but many casinos have recently opted out of them. More about this a little further down in this guide.

No deposit bonus

Casino bonus without deposit , or ” no deposit bonus ” as it is also known, is a reward you get without having to deposit any money of your own into the casino. For example, you might get a €10 no deposit bonus for free in connection with registering. These are not as common as the classic welcome bonuses which give you a certain percentage of your deposit in bonus, but you canstill get lucky enough to come across a bonus of this kind! Most often, these bonuses have been tied to fairly large turnover requirements.

Free bonuses such as No Deposit Casino Bonus often amount to fairly small rewards or just a handful of free spins. They are most common when you manage to recruit a new player to the online casino site and that the recruited player makes their first deposit. Then you will sometimes receive a small bonus as a thank you for bringing the new player onboard.

FAQ about Casino Bonus 2024

What is a Welcome Bonus?
A welcome bonus is a way for online casinos to motivate you to play at their site. It consists of an extra deposit of money to your account that you can play for and often goes hand in hand with getting a number of free spins that you can use on video slots or progressive jackpots. You usually only get a welcome bonus once when you start playing as a new customer, but some casinos offer deposit bonuses for the second, third and even fourth deposits too.
What is a loyalty bonus?
For those who have been loyal to an online casino for a long time or turned over a lot of money at the casino, you can sometimes be offered a so-called loyalty bonus. Online casinos that have loyalty programs give their most loyal customers bonuses on a regular basis, for example once a month or when they play X number of games on the site or for X amount of money. This means that you form stronger ties with your customers and build long-lasting relationships.
What smartphones support casino online?
Almost all mobiles today use Apple iOS or Google’s Android and you can count on mobile casinos to work on your mobile if you have one of the two operating systems on your mobile phone.
Are there any downsides to casino bonuses?
When you get a casino bonus, it usually comes with a turnover requirement, ie you must wager the amount you receive in the bonus several times over before you can withdraw the money from your account. This rule is in place so that the casino will not give away free money to just anyone. It is necessary for the casino to survive, even if it isn’t very fun for the players receiving casino bonuses. If you want to withdraw quickly, you should choose a casino with low or no turnover requirement. It has become increasingly common for online casinos to remove turnover requirements. These casinos usually opt for smaller bonuses in order to afford removing turnover requirements.
Where can I find the best casino bonuses?
On this page we have listed a number of online casinos that offer you the best bonuses 2024, whether it is a welcome bonus or free spins or even free bets. Take a look at the list to find something that suits your tastes.

Casino bonus codes

Bonus codes are common among online casinos, even though many casinos have opted for other types of bonuses in recent years. Players enter a unique code to gain access to the bonus. Nowadays, you you don’t see this type of bonus very frequently as it complicates the whole onboarding process significantly for both the online casino site and for you as a player. We expect modern casinos to streamline the experience, so bonus codes are mostly a thing of the past. Online casinos today have realized the importance of offering a flexible and efficient platform for their players – thus increasing the chances of retaining players. This mirrors the general development where so-called “casinos without registration ” or ” no account casinos ” have become more or less the standard among new casinos 2024.

Casino bonus terms and conditions

Terms and conditions always differ between different casinos and it is therefore up to you as a player to keep track of what rules apply on the site you choose to play on.

Always pay close attention to the information you find on the site and make sure to carefully check the turnover requirements the site adheres to. The devil is in the detail! We aim to make this process simple for you by reviewing the casinos and sifting through the online casino T&C pages for important information. If the turnover requirements feel vague in the text, you can contact the site’s support to get clarity on what applies before you start playing with real money.

Casino wagering requirements

Turnover requirements translate to how many times players must wager the casino bonus amount to be able to withdraw the winnings from their account – if you do not succeed in achieving the set wagering requirements, you simply lose the bonus winnings.

If you could withdraw your winnings immediately, gambling would of course be both easier and more enjoyable for players. But the wagering requirements are a way for the casino to secure revenue and keep the business afloat. That is why it is extra important that you have a good understanding of the wagering requirements for the site you are playing on, because there is no avoiding them!

How wagering requirements work The wagering requirements / turnover requirements are different in each casino. You usually need to wager the amount of the casino bonus and the deposit from 20 up to 50 times before the wagering requirement is met. It rarely becomes more complicated than that, although in some cases there may be requirements such as casino cashback on lost wagers.

Calculating wager requirements

As we previously mentioned, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the casino’s terms and conditions – including wagering requirements. A hot tip for those who want to have full control of their gambling and not waste money unnecessarily is to calculate the total amount that needs to be deposited in the gaming account before you have the opportunity to make withdrawals. Today, you can find readymade examples of wager requirement calculations at several online casinos, but if you want to do the calculation on your own, you should know what the formula looks like.

Let’s say you play at an online casino that offers you a casino bonus of 200% on your deposit up to a maximum of €100 and with a wagering requirement of 25 times. In addition to the casino bonus amount, your deposit must also be included in the calculation. The final formula for calculating the total amount will thus be:

25 x €100 + €100 + €100 = €7,500In other words, a total deposit of €7500 is required before you can make any withdrawal from the casino bonus. However, should the deposit amount not be included in the requirement, the wager requirement will instead be:25 x €100 + €100 = €5,000

By knowing the requirements in advance, it will be easier for you to choose the right online casino to play at and also allows you to set your own goals with your gambling. A welcome bonus may seem really enticing, but when you look at it all in a clearer way, casino bonuses aren’t as straightforward as one might initially think. How much you play also affects the value of the casino bonus – those who spend an enormous amount of time on online casino games probably have different perceptions of casino bonus content than those who rarely log in to their gaming account.

Useful tips Remember to start from a realistic gaming budget that you always stick to. You will then avoid the risk of losing control of your gambling. Playing online casino should be a pleasant and relaxing experience, if you play with real money you need to be sensible and never try hard to win back your losses. After all, casino games are almost always about luck. That is why you should be careful never to play for money you do not own or cannot really afford.

If you want to get more out of your gambling and maybe get better at a particular game, you can always take advantage of free casino bonuses to try out a game for a few rounds. At some casino sites you can also play for free with so-called ” play money “. No chance of getting rich, but a really good way to get to know online casino games instead of investing your own money immediately.