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theGAMER makes it easy for you as a casino player to find the best online casino. We review all the best online casinos and strive to give you an honest overall picture of the casino you play at. Read on and find the best online casino that suits your taste!

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Do not despair, theGAMER has done the hard work and gathered all the best casinos on one and the same website, so that you can focus on entertaining yourself with something you really like, namely to play casino online. In what ways does theGAMER differ from other online casino review sites? We have a motto that we at theGAMER live by; that honesty lasts the longest. If we do not appreciate something with an online casino, we will of course highlight this. How do you find the casino that suits you the best? This is of course done at thegamer.eu, we are the most objective online casino review site available! We look at all online casinos and tell you what sets them apart so that you can choose what suits you best.

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In addition to giving you the most truthful reviews about how various online casinos actually work, we at theGAMER also want to take the opportunity to give you the best possible conditions when you play casino online, by possibly increasing your chances of taking home the big win. We believe that knowledge is the key to winning big in the world of casino online. With the help of theGamer’s Casino School, you will learn the basic rules of all types of games that can be found at an online casino, such as the immensely popular live casino games called Roulette and Blackjack but also baccarat and three-card poker, as well as learning how to play keno and lotto. In addition to educating you in the basics of live casino games, we will also go deeper and teach you good strategies that are useful when playing these games. If you do not like live casino games, do not despair, we also discuss how to play slots, odds and online betting, bingo and Keno just to name a few.

1) Provspela på ett online casino
2) Choose a casino with a casino bonus
3) Play with small stakes
4) Play on many lines.

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theGAMER is the ultimate casino guide that shows you the best places to play casino online. In our top lists, we rank the best online casinos on the market, and you can also read and take advantage of their offers and bonuses. Our site has the latest and most updated online games and casino reviews. We also have information on the best available casino bonuses and the hottest promotions from the best casinos available right now.

Frequently Asked Questions about online casino

How does theGamer review online casinos?
We at theGamer attach great importance to giving you a fair comparison of different online casinos. We have therefore personally played at all the online casinos that you find on the site, both via computer and mobile or tablet. We test everything from registering an account and making deposits and withdrawals of winnings to playing at live casino and trying out promotions for casino bonuses and free spins. We find out it is a so-called ” no account casino “, how good the design and general gaming experience is and whether it is easy to navigate the site. Finally, we also examine the quality and availability of customer service, payment methods and, last but not least, the casino’s range of different casino games. We want you to feel that you have found the perfect online casino and therefore we take our task very seriously.
How many online casinos are there?
It is difficult to determine the exact number of online casinos on the market worldwide as new casinos regularly open up while old casinos close. Hence, the total number of casinos change almost daily. According to the so-called World Casino Directory there is approximately 2200 casinos open to the public for gambling as of 2020 but take this with a pinch of salt.
How many online gamblers are there?
As you probably understand, there is no way to say precisely how many people currently engage in gambling, but it is safe to assume there are at least 2 billion gamblers worldwide. Gambling is one of the oldest and most widespread types of entertainment and is more or less prevalent in every culture in the world. Despite being illegal in many parts of the world, gambling still takes place in pretty much every country. Some countries have a more liberal approach to gambling while some governments have monopolized or outright banned gambling altogether.
Is online gambling legal?
It depends on where in the world you live. In most countries, gambling is legal. Many countries offer privately owned casinos or state run casinos and many countries have access to online casino gambling as well. The world of online gambling is constantly growing as the world becomes more interconnected. Before you start gambling on an online casino, make sure that gambling is legal in your country and follow the law. We are not responsible for providing this information, so it is important that you do some basic research before you start gambling.

Is online gambling safe?
Online betting is usually safe as long as you only take advice from trusted sources. At theGamer we conduct extensive testing before listing any casinos on our site. Not only do we test the casino games, customer support and general look and feel of the casino, we also test the security and payment methods of the casino. Some countries have set higher standards on online casinos than others. For example, Swedish online casinos can always be trusted to offer you a safe and secure experience because the government has introduced a strict set of rules for Swedish casinos to abide by. While all casinos listed on theGamer can be trusted not to mismanage your personal information and that they offer safe payments, you should always remember that online gambling involves your own money. The biggest risk with online casino is irresponsible gambling. Always play responsibly and never gamble for more than you can afford.

How do we judge online casinos?


A Wonderful Gaming Experience
Fair Bonuses & Free Spins
A Good Range of Games
A Modern Live Casino
A Fast Mobile Casino
Quality Customer Support
Smooth Payment Methods

Why choose theGAMER?


Now you’re probably wondering why you should choose to read our reviews and not go to any other casino review site, but it’s actually quite simple. We believe in honesty and we will therefore not shy away from telling the truth to those who enjoy playing casino online. The team behind thegamer.eu also has more than 10 years of experience in the casino industry and thus we know both what it is players want and what they often demand in connection with the search for a new casino to play at. With our extensive experience, we can with great certainty see what it is that casinos are good at and sometimes worse at. And believe us, if we find something that we do not appreciate with a casino, we will definitely inform you about it. We will nail down how all parts of the casino work, questions that we know that you as a player would like answers to before you start a gaming account:

  • If the customer service is good, do they provide the help that players usually want
  • How long does it take to get your winnings paid out?
  • How many slot games are there at the online casino?
  • What other types of casino games are there?
  • Bonuses and free spins, what are the current offers of bonuses and free spins at this online casino?

If you do not want to read your more detailed casino reviews, you can always check in our brief summary. There you can find the questions that are most common in an easy-to-understand compilation.

How do you deal with taxes and winnings that you get at the casino?

Do I have to pay tax on my casino winnings?


This is a common recurring question and something that we need to address. Normally it is said that online casino winnings are tax free as long as the online casino has its gaming license within the EU. If the online casino does not have its gaming license within the EU then it is the player’s own responsibility to include their winnings in the tax return. Some online casinos outside the EU are exempt from profit tax, but we recommend that you conduct research on what rules apply in your country before you gamble.

New casinos 2020


You can bet that we are going to review all of the new casinos that have seen the light of day in 2020 as well as in recent years. Each month new casinos emerge on the ever-growing online casino market – sometimes faster than players are able to keep up with! This is why we are doing the job for you by helping you discover the very best casinos among all the newcomers! There are many benefits of new casinos such as fast, reliable customer service, a mobile first casino experience, instant deposits and withdrawals and the best new casino games. You also get pampered by the customer support team because they pay extra attention to first adopters while their customer base is still relatively small. The new casinos will be scrutinized just as hard as any other casino already established in the market. The competition is stiff, but there is a high probability that you can find your new favorite casino online at any of these new casinos.

Different types of casino bonuses

Free spins or deposit bonus? How do turnover requirements work?


When you talk about online casino, you obviously need to mention the offers and promotions you can get in connection with playing casino online. In short, you get different types of bonuses and we will of course guide you through the casino bonus jungle. We are going to help you find where you can acquire the best casino bonuses and which casinos are most generous with free spins. If you also enjoy playing free casino or want to know which casinos offer casino bonus without deposit and free spins without deposit, then you’ve definitely got it right! We also cover things that established players often think about, how the casinos’ VIP department works, do the casinos use loyalty programs and loyalty bonuses and which casinos have the best customer focus. We have several pages intended specifically for these points where you can read more about different types of bonuses, VIP programs and also other casino promotions that are available right now. Do not forget that at theGAMER there are different exclusive offers at different casinos that you can only find on our site.

Game providers in casino online


All the casino games that are available online today come from somewhere, as the online casinos do not manufacture the games themselves. This is where the casino game providers come in and develop the casino games and also launch new ones. It is no wonder then, that there are a few different game providers that supply the games to the casino sites. Just as there is a large volume of online casinos, there are also a plethora of casino game providers. To name a few, there are NetEnt, Play’N Go, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and Yggdrasil. We would not be a proper online casino guide unless we took a close look at each and every casino game provider and answered questions such as,

  • What is the main focus of the game provider?
  • How many games has the game provider developed?
  • What kind of software is utilized by the game provider?
  • Are there job opportunities with the game providers?
  • Are they involved in any type of charities?

This, and much more information about game providers can be found under the tab Game Providers at theGamer.eu

Mobile casino or casino app?

App for iPhone and Android


Today, many people who play casino online want to do it via mobile or tablet. By being able to play casino via your mobile, it is possible, unlike on a desktop computer, to play whenever you want – no matter where you are. When you want to spend some time playing exciting and entertaining casino games on demand, mobile casino is there for you. Although mobile casinos usually are relatively well developed, there are some sites that offer more polished and better developed mobile casinos than other sites. Usually you can not take part in as many casino games as when playing on your computer, but as mobile casino gaming becomes more popular, most games are now available for both desktop and mobile. With the introduction of new casinos, it is imperative that the casino offers a mobile version of its online casino, for the same reason as we mentioned above. The popularity of mobile casino has increased so markedly in recent years. With the help of HTLM5, the game providers have turned casino games online into mobile-adapted versions, which gives us the absolute best graphics and the clearest sound. To name a few game providers, the Swedish game provider NetEnt has also developed NetEnt Touch, specially adapted to your smartphone and tablet. NetEnt Touch gives you the best adapted games that work perfectly in a smaller format. Playing online casino via mobile is as popular as playing in front of the computer today. The range of games when it comes to slots is a bit smaller but the quality is always the same. We expect that all new casino games will be available for both desktop and mobile in 2020 and beyond.


Live casino – a novel experience!


When you visit different online casino sites, most of them are filled to the brim with different casino games. Something that you almost always see nowadays at online casinos are games known as live casino games. Live casino games mostyl consist of the classic casino games that you also find at land-based casinos where you have a dealer, also called a croupier. To name a few of the most popular live casino games we should mention Live Roulette, Live Black Jack and Live Baccarat. Since the start of online casino, live casino has developed at a steady pace and the quality of how the games are presented and the resolution for live casino games has only now in recent years improved more and more. Some casinos have even partnered with gaming manufacturers such as NetEnt and Evolution Gaming to create their own live casino environments. One example is Mr Green with his signature green color. With a little luck you can see Mr Green himself walking around among all the well groomed and elegant dealers.


Odds and betting

How does it really work?


To play odds online is both fun and exciting! Many casinos today offer odds, also called sportsbooks. It is possible to bet money on the outcome of either a game or event. The most common sports and events to bet on are hockey, football, soccer, Formula 1, basketball, golf, tennis, handball, floorball, speedway, UFC, boxing and e-sports. You can bet on a match or event by placing a so-called “bet”. Of course the odds differ between each casino. This is of course something we have taken a closer look at, we have also looked at how fast the casinos are at publishing correct results, if you can watch the matches at the casino, ie if you can watch the match directly on the casino’s website.


We know everything about casino online!


”We know casino online”. What we mean by that is that we can convey the latest, hottest and most lucrative information about online casino. We have long experience and a very great interest in various forms of online gambling. We come from a background where gambling is a pleasure that has also given us a lot of profits over the years. We feel that we really want to be a part of the online casino world and to share what we have learned over the years. We like to try new online casino sites, we like to dig deep among the rules and conditions even with the well-established casino sites and we are happy to put them to the test by both playing on the sites and by asking tricky questions to their customer support. The knowledge and experience we possess also means that we can often get exciting rewards for our readers! So for those of you who want to stay easily updated, just come and visit theGamer. We will continue to deliver new information and the exclusive offers that only we can provide.

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1) Always choose safe and secure casinos, with the right licenses that offer you tax-free winnings.
2) Choose the one that offers the best welcome package in the form of extra money, free spins and other casino bonuses.
3) Choose the online casino that matches your interests in the range of games. If you are interested in slots, you should of course choose a casino that has invested in this and not one that focuses only on betting.