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Review and Stats for Guns N’ Roses Slot by NetEnt

Guns n Roses Slot Review

Just in time for the band’s 30th anniversary, the hard-rocking casino game Guns N’ Roses Video Slots was released by the renowned slot provider NetEnt, in collaboration with Universal Music and Bravado International Group. When Guns n’ Roses was formed in 1986, few people would foresee the massive impact the band would have on pop culture and the music industry as a whole. In hindsight, many people consider Guns n Roses to be the most influential rock band of all time. But one thing is for sure – even as late as a few years ago , nobody predicted that the band would release one of the world’s most popular online slots – say hello to Guns n Roses Video Slots!

Expectations were sky high when the Guns n Roses Slot was released in 2016. This was partly due to players being curious about what the symbols and animations would look like and what songs would be in the playlist, but also because NetEnt had developed the game. NetEnt is known as one of the world’s best providers of casino games. Unlike other online slots that focus on visual effects and unique gameplay features and paylines, the Guns n Roses video slot is focused on the music and the theme. Everything from the background image, to the sound effects and the symbols take you straight into the atmosphere of a Guns n Roses concert. Playing this game feels like standing in the front row and feeling the heat of the pyrotechnics as Slash busts out a guitar solo.

Anything short of perfection would not suffice for Guns N Roses even in the video game world. They are known for just that, always striving for perfection – it took almost 20 years for them to release the album Chinese Democracy because it never felt quite ready to them! Likewise, NetEnt worked long and hard to develop this mega hit video slot, it took several years for them to complete it.

If you have never experienced Guns N’ Roses live in concert, this video slot is probably the closest you can get to the real thing. So tune your air guitar, pick up your black top hat and let Guns n Roses Video Slots welcome you to the casino jungle!

How to play Guns N Roses Slot

In many ways, Guns n Roses Video Slots is a fairly standard online slot if you look at the features and symbols at a surface level. What makes it stand out from the crowd is that it uses imagery and music from one of the world’s most famous rock bands of all time. So if you are a true rocker or a big Guns n Roses fan, you simply have to try Guns n Roses slot! NetEnt has also developed official video slots for Motörhead and Jimi Hendrix which have also become huge hits. Some online slots can get a little boring in the long run, but listening to your favorite band while playing a fun slot game makes the slots experience special. Instead of regular cherries, BAR symbols and neutral Wilds symbols, the icons depict the band members such as Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan as well as amplifiers, vinyl records, guitar picks, electric guitars and skulls. The background depicts an outdoor concert venue in a late Summer evening with Guns n Roses on stage. There is a huge crowd of extatic fans bobbing their heads to the music and whenever you win big or activate Wilds, the crowd goes wild. You get to listen to five Guns N Roses hit songs, namely Welcome to the Jungle, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Paradise City, November Rain and Chinese Democracy. Most online slots only have one song on repeat.

The game is divided into 5 reels with three tiles on each reel. This is a fairly common layout in games from NetEnt. However, there are a number of unique features in the game in addition to the purely cosmetic, including Wild symbols called “Appetite for Destruction Wild”, a free spins system called “Encore Free Spins” and “Legend Spins” and a bonus game called “Crowd Pleaser”. In addition, so-called “Solo Multipliers” are offered which can pay out up to 10x your bet. As you can see, all the features are rock-themed and are deliberately designed to never break the illusion that you are at a Guns concert. Guns n Roses slot has an RTP of 96.98%, which is higher than some other popular NetEnt slots like Twin Spin. The volatility is low to medium. There are 20 different paylines, which is quite low, but does not mean that you rarely win. You can bet anything between €0.2 to €200 per spin, so if luck is on your side you could potentially win a tidy sum. The maximum coin win is 225,000 and the maximum win is 11,250 times your bet. The only thing better than enjoying your favorite band when you play slots online is to win a lot of money while you are at it!

If you do not like rock music and don’t care for Guns n Roses, there are of course better alternatives, NetEnt has plenty of variety and there is something for all tastes in their range of games. But even if you aren’t a fan, you can still have a lot of fun in this video slot. Playing Guns N’ Roses Slot feels like stepping straight into a big party as soon as you spin the wheels!

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Features and symbols

We have already mentioned some of the features found in Guns n Roses video slots and, by and large, Guns N Roses is a fairly standard slot game. But there are also some very exciting features included that make the game truly unique. There is a Wild symbol that functions the way it does in most other slots online, namely that it replaces all other symbols on the reel. In the case of Guns N Roses slot, the Wild is depicted with the iconic symbol of Guns n Roses, which hardly needs to be described in more detail. But it can actually be expanded for even greater chances of winning and in addition there are other variants of Wilds in the game. You can get so-called Appetite For Destruction Wilds on the reels, which look like the classic logo on the album Appetite For Destruction, a cross with the skulls of the band members. It can extend across several reels and is one of the best symbols in the game. Legend Spins is another Wild that is also less common. It depicts one of the members of the band, for example Axl or Slash. Legend Spins always end up on reel 3 initially and during the next two re-spins you get a chance at getting Wilds on the other reels.

The Solo Multiplier we mentioned earlier can pay out winnings of up to 10x your bet, and never less than 4x your bet. This feature is activated if you have three identical symbols on the same payline. It is quite cleverly designed by NetEnt, just like a guitar solo, all eyes are drawn to the Solo Multiplier when it is activated, just like Slash stands at the center of the stage when he is playing a guitar solo. Even Encore Freespins and Crowd Pleaser bonus are seamlessly woven together with the theme. You could say that free spins are the same as an encore at the end of a concert!

Guns n Roses is clearly one of the world’s best music themed slots right now. NetEnt rocks!

Speaking of free spins and bonus games, these features can be unlocked in Guns N ‘Roses slot as well. If you get three vinyl records on screen at the same time, the bonus game is initiated. You stop the wheel whenever you want and win one of three different types of bonuses – coins, a Crowd Pleaser bonus game or Encore free spins. Each Encore free spin is accompanied by a Legends Wild and a regular Wild on any of the reels. The Crowd Pleaser bonus game gives you the chance to choose between different instruments such as the guitar or the drums to unlock new free spins and coin wins. There are three different levels and you unlock higher levels by collecting coins. If you collect more than 800 coins, your winnings are doubled in size.

Here are the symbols that appear in Guns n Roses video slots and what they are valued at:

  • Playing cards: Pays between 25 to 40 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • Blue guitar pick: Pays 150 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • White guitar pick: Pays 250 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • Duff McKagan: Pays 300 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • Slash: Pays 500 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • Axl Rose: Pays 750 coins if you get five symbols on a payline.
  • Guns n Roses Wild symbol: Replaces all other symbols. Can be expanded across the whole reel.
  • Appetite for Destruction Wild symbol: A Wild symbol shaped like a cross. It runs across several different reels.
  • Legends Wild symbol: Wild symbol that is activated in re-spins and Encore free spins.
  • Vinyl Record: Initiates the bonus game if you get three symbols on a spin.
The game feels like attending a big rock festival – but with a chance at winning big!


Many of the greatest rock bands of all time have started to explore new markets in recent years by launching new branded products with their band logo on them. For example, Motörhead has produced its own wines and whiskeys, German rockers Rammstein has its own official rum and the Swedish band Ghost sells everything from Halloween masks to adult toys. You might call it selling out, but sometimes these products become huge hits. The Guns N Roses video slot is a prime example. If you are not a fan of Axl Rose and his legendary gang of misfits, Guns n Roses is still a really good video slot with a lot of exciting Wilds variants and bonus games. But if you are already a fan of Guns n Roses or rock music in general, Guns N Roses Video Slots is a real must – you simply can’t miss out on this game!

If you are familiar with slots from NetEnt, you probably already know what to expect – virtually no loading time, razor-sharp graphics, smooth animations and high-resolution sound. There are many different ways to win in their games and this is also the case in Guns n Roses slot. The volatility is relatively low compared to other high calibre video slots. In each spin, one or several of the many special functions can be initiated, which means that no two spins are the same. It is obvious that NetEnt has tried to attract a specific type of player, namely those who not only play to win but also want to feel immersed in the game’s atmosphere. And what is better than the atmosphere of a massive hard rock festival!

Do you want to try Guns n Roses Slot for free before using real money? In that case, click on the button at the top of this page and you can try the Guns n Roses slot demo for free here at theGamer! When you are ready to rock, choose one of the casinos with Guns n Roses from our list – pick up your welcome bonus and discover more hard-rocking slots online. Welcome to the casino jungle!