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Unibet review

Unibet casino was established when its Swedish founder Anders Ström decided to create a portal where he could share his knowledge with other people in the igaming industry. Since then, the casino has grown at an incredible rate and is today one of the largest casinos online with a big assortment of odds, live casino, slots and bingo.

Unibet has won many Electronic Gaming Awards such as “Best Poker Marketing Campaign”, “Innovation of the Year” and “Innovation in Poker” just to name a few. This also reflects how serious they are as a reputable casino when it comes to development of both the casino industry and their own platform.

Unibet is available in over 100 countries and has over 1000 employees with a customer base of almost 20 million players. In their customer service center you can search for answers to frequently asked questions and every answer is within reach, no matter what you need help with. Customer service can be contacted by live chat, e-mail or telephone.

Unibet is one of the world’s most famous online casinos with a very large selection of casino games and a sportsbook with odds. Of course, they offer some of the most popular slots such as Starburst, Gemix, Bejeweled 2 and many more. If you look at video slots such as Bejeweled and Starburst in terms of popularity and player satisfaction, they are massively succesful. These famous online slots are simple yet extremely entertaining. Being able to try the games for free before making a deposit is possible at Unibet, which is great. And why not start out by trying these slots and discover why so many players love them.

Offering many or all of the most popular online slots is proof that the casino knows its customers and give them what they want. This thinking is used by Unibet and everything they do is with the player’s interest in mind. This is the reason Unibet offers such a wide array of different gaming genres on its site. Everything from slots to odds and a live casino can be found at Unibet. This plethora of games and content is one of the reasons why they are a major player in the industry.

The casino also features something they call Unibet TV where the player can watch sports events live and players can get in on the action anytime they want as long as they have some money in their Unibet account. Some broadcasts you need to pay a small fee to watch if the broadcasting rights are expensive for Unibet, but this is very clearly marked so you will never encounter any hidden fees or nasty surprises.

Players can choose from hundreds of different broadcasts to watch and this is a unique way to combine betting via odds while watching your favorite sports events live. This innovative feature was integrated into the sportsbook to make it easier for players to partake in sportsbetting. It is a clear sign of Unibet’s customer focus that they are taking development of the casino industry so seriously and introduce new and innovative features.

The Unibet casino experience

As a player, you are offered a large number of fun games presented through clear, simple menus in an intuitive layout. You have the opportunity to try the games before you choose to make your first deposit, which is a big plus for players who aren’t ready to wager their own money or want to review the games on their own first.

The games load quickly with Chrome and they all load incredibly fast. We have experienced some minor issues with other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox in certain Unibet games before, but this seems to have been mended.

The ultra popular online slot Starburst worked flawlessly on all browsers, both on mobile and desktop, and this is very positive since many players will want full access the most popular video slots. The sound, graphics and games across the board are of course all very high class when it comes to the most played titles.

When it comes to the live casino and odds sections of Unibet, you can unfortunately not try them for free before you make a deposit, but Unibet live casino contain very engaging games throughout the live casino library. Should you still want a preview of the live casino games, you can find them on Unibet’s YouTube channel and see others play them. These clips are created by Unibet but are only available in English as of right now.

Unibet deposit bonus and free spins

The current casino deposit bonus welcome offer consists of 100% bonus on the first deposit up to €100. In some countries, Unibet offers bonuses tailored for your particular preferences, so it might be worth taking an extra look at their bonus offers page or the registration page. This range of bonus offers is something that sets Unibet apart from the competition because you can choose your own bonus in many cases. Mind you, this is not true for all countries. You can sometimes even get free spins or other types of offers that appear under the “bonuses” tab once you have logged in to your account. When it comes to the Unibet bonus, you can find many different types of bonuses: Freespins bonuses, Freebet, Win boost and Rewards bonus.

Unibet Freespins: The player receives a certain number of free spins on a casino game so that they can play without using their deposited money but still take part in the winnings. Free spins are also called Unibet Free Spins.

Freebet: In this instance, you choose your free bet bonus and when you place your next bet, the bet is placed using the bonus money instead of your deposited money. You can also see the possible payout on the coupon. This bonus applies to players who play in the Unibet Odds section.

Win boost: This bonus is also applied in the Unibet Odds section and is activated by selecting the win boost bonus and then all eventual winnings will be increased by a certain percentage point. The possible payout is also visible directly on the coupon when the player places their bets.

Cash Bonus: This bonus is awarded to players who have wagered a certain amount of money in Unibet casino games or Unibet odds and can either be withdrawn or wagered for at the casino.

What games does Unibet have?

The casino game library is large, and Unibet has more than 700 online slot games in total in addition to live casino, bingo, poker and odds. Their library mostly consists of delicately hand picked games loved by the players instead of just a massive bloated library unlike some other online casinos. Unibet also offers casino tournaments, news and guides to make it easier to get started playing casino games and odds. There is also a category called “Get Started” where you can watch videos on how to play certain games so you can easily and quickly learn how the different games work. The casino offers many different game categories such as the following examples:

Unibet mobile / Unibet app: Mobile games that can be played via Unibet can be found under this category, and according to the casino, the player should be able to play all games on a mobile device by accessing Unibet through their phone or tablet . Thus, a dedicated Unibet app should not be required, although they do offer apps anyways.

Unibet slots : The casino has a wide range of online slots and the most popular titles are of course included in their selection. Under the category “Unibet’s choice” you will find titles that the casino itself recommends the players to try out, which is a nice touch. You can also click on “New Games” to discover newly released slots and other new casino games. All titles can be tried using “casino play money” before you decide to make a deposit, which is great for players who are still on the fence. What is missing, though, is the ability to sort the games by popularity. This was the only obvious negative thing that could be found in this category that otherwise has the most games available on the market. You can sort by “All Games” to view the entire game library.

Unibet live casino: In the live section, players will experience an excellent live casino environment where you play using a web camera and a live croupier. This further enhances the gaming experience and the player can enjoy their gaming from the peace and quiet of their home but still get the feeling of being at a physical casino.

Unibet odds : In the Unibet sportsbook you will find all the odds betting games ranging from tennis to football and everything in between. You can watch matches live and see the current live odds for each team regardless of which sport you are following. It is also possible to watch MMA events such as Bellator and UFC, which is growing in popularity exponentially. Not all casinos offer it in their odds sections, which is also true for esports odds sections.

Unibet live casino

Unibet casino offers a large selection of different games such as live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat and different types of live poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em, Live Caribbean Stud Poker, and Live Casino Holdem. There are also live casino tournaments to participate in here as well. You can easily see the maximum payout during the game before entering the table.

Live casino can not be played for free but instead requires you to log in to your gaming account to play. This is completely understandable as it is not free to run a land-based casino with staff working on site. Unibet also offers guides for live casino games by clicking on “Live Casino Guides”.

Unibet mobile casino

Unibet does not have a stand-alone mobile casino, instead all games work the same on both computer and mobile platforms such as a tablet or mobile phone. Unibet only requires that you have an iPhone or Android device to be able to play the games on your mobile phone. The games are played via mobile by visiting Unibet’s website. No separate Unibet app is required to get started, thanks to the magic of HTML5 you can simply start playing the games immediately after logging in to the game account.

Unibet customer service

Customer service via chat and e-mail is open between 09:00 and 21:00 GMT. Customer service by telephone opens at 12:00 and closes at 20:00 GMT. The site also has a large info center where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions and much more.

The casino also offers a spreadsheet where you can see the average response time and whether or not there is ongoing site maintenance. At the time of our initial review, Unibet was engaged in customer service maintenance, which resulted in customers only being able to contact them via an English-speaking chat feature on the site. Unibet customer support is available in many different languages normally. You can also find out when the maintenance work is expected to be completed, which is useful for the visitor if he or she is not comfortable receiving support in English.

Unibet support line: You can receive customer support through the site when you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Contact us”.

Unibet payment methods and deposits och insättningar

Unibet makes available deposits via credit card, wire transfers, e-wallets such as Paysafe or Ukash and even online transfers such as Moneybook. The casino has a deposit limit that can be regulated via your Unibet account and there should be at least three different options to choose from.

Unibet rating

In summary, Unibet is a very well designed and neat online casino that offers a large number of casino games and odds for all kinds of players. The casino has many popular titles in online slots, but also offers games such as sportsbetting odds and live casino. This variation creates a more complete casino experience for the player.

As for the negatives, Unibet members have had some minor problems before when playing games on certain browsers such Mozilla Firefox, but this might have been mended already. If we encounter this issue again we will make sure to update this review. The customer service was down due to maintenance when we tried to access it, but otherwise the site has worked flawlessly. An additional takeaway is that the casino does not have a distinct direction, but simply offers everything found in the casino world. This is not necessarily a negative, but for players who are looking for something special, it can be more tempting to choose a casino that specializes on their particular game preferences.

We would like to see the games sorted by popularity, which would be very useful for most players. We are glad to see that the Unibet blog keeps track of all the latest news of the casino world and helps players get unique insights into the industry and learn more about upcoming sportsbetting odds and new casino games.